ART (anything can be art with enough conviction)

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is one reason why we have so much variations of art these days. These is my version of an arty photograph. Thanks to Google photos for automatically editing my pictures, I realised that my shitty mobile can still take some decent photographs. Why this picture? Well the majority of the others I took were blurry and just resembled visual vomit. Of course this has been edited, but only slightly, to get the best out of a picture. Art has to be edited for it to realise its potential. I feel so arty I may start wearing turtleneck jumpers and a beret while I attempt to smoke a cigarette with my trusty shitty phone in hand waiting for the next masterpeice.

social documentary: the life of rex

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Eodm Paris

I know we talked about Paris in the workshop but these photos were recently released and I found them quite interesting for a number of reasons. The picture of the crowd is interesting for a couple of reasons. For one, you can see the joy in the peoples face unbeknownst to the terror that they were about to experience. It was mentioned how the Daily Mail have used the picture saying ‘minutes before death’ or something but I feel as though these images should be viewed in a positive sense, remembering the fallen enjoying some of their final moments. The photo is also significant for me other reasons as well. One of these is that it shows how many people experience a concert nowadays. Many people watch it behind the lens and this can be seen by the cameras in the crowd. It has a link to the feeling that some people feel as though they have to take a photo to show they have attended an event. The final thing I like about the photo is Jesse Hughes is in it and he’s an absolute legend. When I first heard about the Paris attack the main thing I thought was “I hope the band got out safely” in hindsight I feel fairly guilty about this but everyone is drawn to different elements within the news that are personal to them. Eagles of Death Metal (they’re not death metal by the way) are one of my favourite bands and thats why I felt drawn to this picture.


Social Documentary: Lucy, Ross, and Shannon’s Images

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Orientalism Pics (From Hannah, Daryl and Louise)

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Hannah J Daryl Louise R

“Are you a warrior? Killer? Slicing shit like a samurai?”

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The RZA (pictured above) was a prominent member of the Wu-Tang Clan. It was primarily his interest in Oriental culture that led the group to adopt an imagery, evident in their samples, lyrics and visual aesthetic, that tends to essentialise the Orient as an undeveloped, violent society.

Also, here’s a nice sign I spotted in Manchester’s China Town:


Not all that it seems

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We were just talking about this photograph in another module and I thought that it was an interesting side note that the photographer who took this iconic image of the Vietnam War, Eddie Adams, was actually pro American involvement in Vietnam. Somewhat ironic considering that this photograph was probably one of the most influential images in turning the tide of American public support against the war in Vietnam, which was certainly not the photographer’s intention in taking it. Despite winning a Pulitzer award for this photograph Eddie went on to lament its notoriety and the damage it did to support of the war effort at home, as well as the effect it had personally on General Nguyen Ngoc Loan (the one doing the shooting).

vietnam war


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