Bromley Cross

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Bromley Cross. The train crawling from left to right, Manchester bound, Platform 2 – the road below full of cars, frozen in time yet moving silently beneath the colossal machine. The lonely road leading to a hole in the landscape, an opening of space that leads towards the horizon – disappearing into the distance, restless, mute, yet home to limitless possibilities and locations that reach far beyond the fastest steam train. The crazed travellers merging together move faster than smoke, into the vast promise of life beyond the gaping stone wall.



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This one from a train, flying, screeching, banshee-like, cutting across and cutting above the rows of streets, rows of cars, reproduced over and again towards old, hopeful horizons – a still of the cinematic, flashing glimpses, each row racing past, parallel to and indistinguishable from the last, my eye quivers – below another silvery Peugeot, becoming stationary and becoming mobile, arriving from and leaving for another dreamy place over yonder, past and future, both, not either, herein thy eye the simultaneity of becoming.

The Potato Eaters

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Documentary Photo

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docu photo


Glossary of keywords

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I’ve kept coming back to this site recently (to avoid doing my dissertation) – its got a boss glossary of all them terms that always come up in readings etc. I’m just so impressed with it I wanted to share it (to avoid doing my dissertation) – I thought this would be the best place.


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Seen in the woods by Bailrigg House.


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In our house last term we managed to acquire 2 traffic cones. I would like to say they were found on a drunken adventure but unfortunately they weren’t. They were on our street and I just felt as though they would really tie the room together. The little cone is sometimes used in drinking games but often leads to overly heated debate as to whether the person has it on their head properly. Other than that they are just standard traffic cones. cones