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This new exhibition at Parasol Gallery in London might provide some inspiration for our landscaping next month.


Photoshoot in Studio ’94

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I was working in my bedroom when I got a knock at my door. Expecting it be my housemate I slowly shuffled to the door and grumbled through the door. To my surprise it was one of my friends, on a rare visit to my house. We usually hang about on campus or at his since he lives in Cartmel. He noticed my camera and joked I should take some photographs, to make him “look sexy”. I agreed and I must say I am rather quite happy with the outcome. He would probably kill me if he knew I would upload this on a blog. I’m usually bad at photographing people, but these are certainly an exception. If anyone else wants some photographs like these taking then I’ll be opening up my studio soon. £150 for 3 photographs.

No reason

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I thought I would upload this since it has been a while since I have uploaded a random picture I took. I was walking back after my 17 hour day yesterday and cut by the Castle. I decided to take this on impulse really, nothing more to it. I made it black and white after and was quite impressed with how it looked.

Serene Arches

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street photograph

The bustle of the street below contrasts with the stillness of the building above. The arches watch solemnly over the procession of people beneath them – it’s nothing they haven’t seen before. The rushing of the people below is puzzling – where do they have to go, why with such haste? The arches have seen it all before and will see it all again, serenely watching over the busy street below, providing calm in a hectic world.

Street Photograph

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I found this old woman (I think) on her scooter with her (I think) dog. I thought it captured a moment in the womans life and says something about the ability of having fun at such an old age. There is something very voyueristic about taking this photograph. I don’t want to go too close so I keep a good distance and let the zoom on the lens do the work.


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WP_20160209_16_42_42_Pro (1)

Damside looking down, a blur of red and white, its not surprising given those go-faster stripes. A machine not pliable to the human hand, somehow made softer by the other machine, the camera, that has blurred its movement. The car almost seems like a toy from above, the viewer can toy with the idea of impact that is provided by the concrete foreground. The road, less a pathway to possibilities and more of a surface on which a single glove can be lost and repeatedly run over. Reflections cause the driver to be anonymous, or maybe non-existent, like a toy.