Fireworks… because why not.

20151107_201209 20151107_201201 20151107_201214 20151107_201217 20151107_201212 20151107_201852

I took these on Saturday and to be honest I probably would have got a better view from my window. After trecking all the way up to the Ashton Memorial we find a nice viewpoint just for us to see a firework display that lasted not even 20 minutes. I think it took us longer to walk up to the memorial. Even though there is no other reason for me to take and display these except for purely aesthetic reasons, if little dots going boom now and then can be as something aesthetic. I hope these are not blurry or too bad quality, they look quite good on my phone. So now that I have finally viewed the fireworks, having not bothered for the past two years, would I say it was worth it? Absolutely not. Good for the legs but an overall boring experience.


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