Cheng Xin

I found these pictures whilst looking through The Daily Mail’s website. Although their articles aren’t the best, and are often filled with grammatical errors, they do have some great photographs. These were taken from an article on Cheng Xina, a 13-year-old girl from central China who has congenital cerebral palsy. I found these photographs interesting as they display what appears to be someone in movement, with Cheng straining, but the truth is that she is stuck in this painful position. The first image lends a sense of childlike innocence to her, with her Hello Kitty pyjamas facing the camera adding to this sensation. This particular image also reminded me of the ‘Falling Man’ image, with the sheets creating a background that toys with our perspective. The second photograph is very emotive image one which I was not comfortable viewing at first. I found it captured well how an image can be read in drastically different ways. For instance is the other woman in the image hurting her, or helping her. The third image is a nice contrast from the second, with this light-hearted family photograph, taken in front of what appears to be a row garages.

Here is a link to the article:


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