‘Points 2 Vue’, a sculpture series by MARC-ANDRÉ 2 FIGUÈRES

I know we’re only meant to be emailing in our landscapes, but soon as this week’s topic is landscapes I thought I’d do a little post about an installation I saw this summer.


This is a photo I took of the town of Colliourealthough my claim to personal authorship seems particularly weak here. You know that urge you get, after you turn a corner or reach the top of a hill and a view unfolds before you, that urge to reach for your camera and *click!* record transform perceived space into representational space? That’s your unconscious knowledge of the Western landscape tradition, of the ways in which nature has been framed and categorised it in the past and, additionally, your understanding that what you have just encountered subsumes to those norms, correlates in some way with those thousands of images already created that we now sit on top of, looking for more to add to the heap. Thus, a landscape is never personal, it builds upon these norms in one way or another, either encapsulating them openly or by attempting to cast them aside in search of something truly different.

Anyway, returning to my photo, and my doubt about it being even less so mine than the average landscape, you may have noticed it is taken through a frame, or rather a ‘sculpture-frame’. In Collioure 12 of these ‘sculpture-frames’ have been installed by the artist MARC-ANDRÉ 2 FIGUÈRES (all caps, always) around the town to provide us with some little-needed assistance in finding and framing the ‘picturesque’. Each of them is a view of the towns bell tower which, aside from providing a nice formal focal point for each of the landscapes, is identified as a funnel which for the artist embodies ‘the duality of the feminine and the masculine’—I think we can all see what he’s getting at there.

Here’s some more pictures I took of other tourists who, like myself, obliged and climbed the steps to take the same photos:

804550_1201534386539708_961428940_n 804685_1201553033204510_73115236_n

The artist’s website however warns against taking such a photo: ‘This in-situ installation is also interesting in that the vision according to MA2F is a perfect hyper-figuration, it is reality itself, open to all interpretations and none of these interpretations takes away from the others nor do they caricature a single point of view. This reality can only fully exist through an in-situ installation; even taking a photograph through the frame reduces it’.

Here’s two links on the off-chance anyone’s interested. The first is for a page regarding the Points 2 Vue from MA2F‘s website, the second is for a twitter account with lots more photos of the ‘sculpture-frames’.




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