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2014-08-13 19_19_47

Okay I know this have nothing to do with this weeks task, and I did take it about 18 months ago, but I may as well show off the only photograph I am actually proud of. This also means a lot to me because it brings back so many fond memories. This was during August 2014 and me and the comedy society had just finished our last sketch show. The show was at 1am and we wouldn’t normally get back until 4am, so we decided to just go straight out into Edinburgh and take in the sights at dawn. We went from Grassmarket, to the Mile and onto Calton Hill, it was about 7am, and while the others went for breakfast in a back alley greasy spoon I went and sat in Princes Street Gardens. It was dead and I got my phone out and decided to take this. I’m so happy with this picture, not because of the memories but because of how good it turned out, the wall in the foreground, trees in middleground and then the buildings in the background. I usually don’t get attached to things but this photograph is the exception. I hope you all enjoy it, even if it is a wall and some trees. I’m happy I can finally show this off.

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