The Bridge on the River Time

Sorry for the awful title. This is a picture of the North end of the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle and the streets below. The bridge stood out to me due to its dominance over the building in the distance, which comes as a result of the shadow that it casts, the separation of the image into two parts, and the focus the buildings on either side create.

The shadow casts a darker scene on the building below it, which is contrasted by the almost white light above it. By looking at it in this way it makes me think of the history of the bridge, and the dominance of industrialisation, with its forging of a pathway and in this case a bridge into the city centre and the future, with the old left behind, unnoticed. This is highlighted in the contrast of the man-made steel, and the more natural stone, alongside those driving over the bridge most likely unaware of the building hidden beneath and the people surrounding it. However the photograph being a reproduction, lacks the uniqueness of that moment, which is most notable with the lack of the sound of cars overhead, eliminating a key aspect of the aura.

I think the angle also lends itself to this reading, and therefore creates meaning in how the camera is positioned below the bridge, as where a picture from above might not conjure the same feeling.

Tyne Bridge


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