My attempt at photography


This is my belated blog post about a photograph I took. Having seen the rest of the classes I feel as though this should be of decent quality but this is unlikely. I can’t really relate this to either Barthes or Benjamin’s essays. This photo was taken on Friday night at around 1.30 so I wasn’t of a fully sound mind at this point. Therefore I don’t have a particular motivation for taking this photo or if I did I can’t remember it. I think the variations of light throughout the photo are fairly interesting you can see the contrast between the colourful neon light in the top right to the bright white light of the left. My eyes are personally drawn to the chandelier on the right due to the fact that I have never noticed it in glow rooms before despite visiting the establishment many a time. This demonstrates that photos can show things an unreliable subject, a drunk me, couldn’t show you. Other than that this is basically just to show a standard night out that I enjoyed.


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