Blast from the past

I think the only word that sums up my experience of the new types of ‘memory’ tools is cringey. Between my first twitter updates followed by ‘x’ to represent kisses and the classic ‘is bored’ status on Facebook, I am bombarded with photos that I have no emotion for or even remember taking. It took me a while to decide whether or not to post this picture, but I think in the end it sums up well the discussion. This is a picture of myself and my ex-boyfriend that Timehop presented to me. Although after we split up I eventually trolled through Facebook attempting to delete all memories of our relationship, as proven here due to the wonders of technology, these images are never really destroyed. In this case, it provides a counter side to the discussion we had last week as using photos to reminisce. In this case, the photograph and the memory tool forced me to confront memories that I do not wish to remember. I think this brings in an interesting discussion to the differences in digital technology and good old hard copies. I also feel this photo highlights how photography plays a big part in relationships nowadays. It seems we have to legitimise our relationships by providing images. Even the other day, my flat mate questioned the security of a relationship as she said ‘I haven’t seen them together in a picture for a while’. On a complete tangent, I think the photo also shows how far mobile photographic technology has developed within the space of a couple of years. This image is pretty pixelated from a Blackberry 9300 phone (which was pretty popular back then) whereas now my iPhone can takes images that have nearly the same clarity as my DSLR. In all, I think this photo completely summarises the lack of control us as photographers now have over where and when images can be seen, especially with memory tools that perpetuate the process of resurfacing an image and a memory.301


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