This task made me somewhat apprehensive, not least because I am in no way a photographer, but here is a picture I took of a tree with its roots and branches strangely shaped by the wind.

The reason I chose this image is because I had to question my intentions for taking the photograph after doing the reading this week. Walter Benjamin said, “to follow with the eye – while resting on a summer afternoon – a mountain range on the horizon or a branch that casts its shadow on the beholder is to breathe the aura of those mountains, of that branch.” He also ascertained slightly earlier that it is the aura of the object that withers in the age of technological reproduction. This concept struck me because I realised that it is an aura that I remember, but that is not immediately visible to anyone else, in this photograph, that makes it feel unique. To see this photograph, is to see a single tree, it is not to be transported to the here and now, which defies reproduction. When this tree is no longer unique due to my own remembered perception of aura, it is simply bundled under a big umbrella image, marked trees.

The reason I had for taking this photo is because I thought it represented the fact that, even when sometimes outside forces steer us in new directions, we continue to grow. However, the reading this week made me realise that photography is simply the reproduction of an image, and can never completely reproduce place and time and feeling.


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