Sony World Photography Awards

The Guardian has posted the winners of this years Sony World Photography Awards:

I chose this image to post, simply because of its relations to concepts already covered on the course.

The relationship between the boy, and the photographer both shooting is interesting. Plus the oblivious look on the woman’s face in the window, about to soak, drench, the photographer is priceless.

Themes in this could be seen as obvious, but we also have gender dynamics at play as well as some orientalist qualities.

The western camera vs the rifle (yes, both are western inventions but why is the seemingly more dangerous one given to the subject?). Also the position of the female figure, higher in the composition, but trapped within the domestic space.

I will leave this discussion at this point: now we can all have our own opinions on the piece, and whether it is a worthy winner.

Hairul Azizi Harun, Malaysia. Winner of the Open competition - Split Second category.


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