Why photographs should not always be shared…





Something that I hate – photograph sharing online. Not all of it whatsoever, just some. This is particularly regarding Facebook. I thought about this on last Friday of last week. Valentine’s Day, where some people felt the need to publically express their love for someone online. For example: “I’m really looking forward to spending the day with Ben and going out for a lovely meal and drinks tonight! Happy valentines day to the most incredible boyfriend, I love you”.

We don’t care, we don’t need to know. Yuk.

Photographs are going a similar way. Why do we put photos up online? Why are they usually selfies? Because we want to show the world how great our lives are. It is a way of holding up a sign saying “Look what I did”. Other people generally don’t care. In fact it can just make some feel worse. I won’t make a skiing album because everyone else was working hard at uni and it would be showing off! 

When someone says goodbye to a person about to go on a trip, usually ending with “I look forward to seeing the pictures”, they are lying. No-one ever really wants to see holiday snaps. Or what concert you’ve been to. What night out you have been on.

Photographs are for personal memories. They remind us of fantastic times often, but only we can remember how we felt. Photographs ignite all of the senses, but this requires us to have experienced the scene ourselves.

So next time, before posting pictures of yourself and where you have been, just think; no-one really cares.



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