Changing the photo

Picture1 publisher Picture2 publisher Picture4 publisher - Copy Picture5 publisher - Copy


These are some of the photos I took from Morecambe (again!)  I have edited them all by changing the lighting, contrast and darkness to see if by changing them the uniqueness of the photo is lost or gained.  Do these the changes change the mood?  Or do they show a different town to the photos I put up before depicting a ‘vibrant’, nice town?

The 4th photo also reminds me of the old Daguerreotypes, showing different exposure times, giving Morecambe an antique feel.  The footprint photo also reminded me of  Anthony’s crime scene photos concentrating on shoes.  The identity surrounding the shoe is key here but also what is left behind from a footprint.  So this photo has captured what remains from a person’s journey and the camera has frozen this in time.


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