Here are some of my favourite photographs that I took in Morecambe. I thought it was pointless capturing too many sea views because they had been captured so many times before. I opted instead for something a bit different.





The first one struck my eye as being quite modernist, revisiting the world via a new perspective. The contrast between stainless steel and the white, bland sky gives the sharp edges and industrial/constructed feel that many modernist works contain.

The third one down I feel a little harsh about, but it was my intention to get this poor guy walking into the light. I just wish his silhouette would have come out clearer against the low sun.

And, finally, I just like the darkness contrasted to the light sky and sea, both of which seemingly conspiring together in the image emitting the blueish light that exists. The slight golden glow of the sun above the dark clouds also adds a nice touch to the photograph. Okay, this one is technically a sea view, but we where on a promenade, it would have been a shame to not have at least one.

(In my humble opinion)

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