Story of my Life… through photographs



(Before I write this, and get absolutely ripped for using these stills from One Directions ‘Story of my Life’ video, I’ve been forced into writing about this video by my friend I’m with, and also because it means I can put off the reading for a bit longer 😉 )

It is an interesting music video. It is based around a huge array of photographs, which are supposed to show the story of the boys’ life. It shows how large an impact photographs have on modern society. Through still pictures, maps of a persons life can be built. It makes us wonder what life was like before photography!

All the photographs focussed on in the video are ones of family. Is this therefore the central point of photography? To record the development and special moments of family life?

The four stills I have chosen because this was the moment that most people were affected by. A quick search of the Youtube comments, or on Twitter, shows that this had an emotional impact on many viewers. 

This links to the theme of photography and death. Pictures can both preserve life but also highlight what is gone. That is why many keep a photo of their loved ones close to them, in their wallet for example; a photograph makes us feel like a loved one is with us. The power of a picture. 


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