After our seminar on portraits and ‘selfies’, I found this article on the Daily Mail. Photographer Penelope Koliopoulou worked on a series of self portraits, exploring the concept of relationships, posing as both halves of different couples. Koliopoulou states that ‘using the same person to do both parts of a couple could work as a metaphor for how a couple unites and we become one or see the reflection of ourselves in our partner’. This reflection is paralleled in Murakami’s ‘Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman’, the reflection in the mirror in Murakami’s short story ‘looks exactly like me on the outside, but it definitely was not me…. it was me, of course, but another me.’ The faces of the ‘individuals’ in the portrait, are not central to their identity, but include their poses, clothing and ‘staging’ in front of the camera. 


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