‘Crime Scene’ Photography

After we talked about Amber’s crime scene style photo I thought I’d play around with taking some of my own. I thought about what could signify a person or their absence. Shoes!?

People who live with me think that my room is far too tidy, and my row of shoes is one machination of this. So, what would a gap in this neat row suggest? Also what do different types of shoes suggest about a particular person (I’ll leave that distinction up to you).

To be perfectly honest from the angle I took this the gap is not obvious but how out of place the boots were struck me. I did pose the boots, stretching out the laces behind them, but they still seem too, I don’t know, obtuse for the photo. The low cut shoes fall short of the statement that the masculine, robust boots, make.

The gap surrounding them also add to their weight in the photo. It feels ridiculous that I’m talking about shoes, and yet, we did talk about a fork and a bowl just a few weeks ago. Is everything then artistic to the camera, or am I reading far too much into this?


However, after taking some more photos I started to think about perspective and alternate angles for the images.


Here I used a light from only one side and rotated the final shot to get this outcome. I don’t quite know what to say about the angle, it adds a depth to the shot and makes it a little more dynamic. If anything it is more voyeuristic adding more of a sense of power to the camera in the shot. especially when contrasted to the first photo which is taken from a crouched level.

What really strikes me, however, is how the darkness reduces the impact that the shoes and the boots make on the shot. The darkness also makes the shot seem a lot more sinister, and the grain of the shot is more prominent adding a CCTV like quality to it.

Shoes are not, by far, part of what I consider my identity. But I thought it would be interesting to play about a little with this idea and take a few simple photographs to talk about.


One Response to “‘Crime Scene’ Photography”

  1. This post really reminds me of the pictures taken after the Holocaust. Thousands of shoes are seen thrown into piles; they are simply shoes but they connote life, movement and freedom. 80,000 shoes are 80,000 shoes, but they were also 80,000 lives. We might not see their murder but we are left with a feeling of emptiness and loss, at such an immense and incomprehensible scale.


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