A Sign of the Times

Tarn End Hotel Now

Tarn End Hotel

Whilst walking in Talkin Tarn, Cumbria, I came across an old derelict building which I have posted above. Initially the building appeared to be just another run down building which we see all too often after the recent financial crisis. It intrigued me however after someone mentioned that just a few years previous it had been a working hotel, which can be seen in the second photo.

These photos thus show the importance of the camera today in capturing changes in society, and allowing us to look into the past, something which is now vital to historians. Images such as these allow us to reflect on the past, and open our eyes to the negative consequences of historical change. Capturing images such as the one I have taken of the run down hotel allows us the opportunity to look deeper into the past, and explore more to find out the reasons and stories behind certain events.

Last week we discussed the constant misrepresentation that appears in a lot of photography and the way in which they are constantly manipulated for artistic reasons. However the above photos do show that photography can still be real and truthful, and often doesn’t need to be manipulated to express the story behind the image.



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