Madeleine McCann




The power of photography is highlighted by this image. Particularly the picture on the left. 

I have chosen this picture because it shows the ability of photography to transcend the artist. Last seminar we discussed how art viewed photography as somewhat of a threat. However with the modern digital age, photography has given rise to an incredible amount of opportunity.

This picture of Madeleine McCann has been engrained into our minds. Just by seeing that image, we think of what is behind it; the incredible search, the arrest of the parents, the media frenzy, all of the false leads. All because of this one girl. Photographs can be seen all over the world. This one was. Everywhere, everyone knew what this picture symbolised.

The picture itself evokes so many emotions. Before our eyes is a three year old girl, who has been in the news for many years of our lives. It is just a facial shot, the girl is not smiling; she looks so vulnerable. It induces emotion most of all because, particularly to any parent viewing it, this could be their little girl.

The development of photography has meant that the world is such a smaller community now. We can see what is happening all over the world. People everywhere helped with the search. The ability to show the whole world a picture of a girl gave rise to such opportunities of finding her. Particularly the focus on her eye.

If we simply read about a little girl going missing, we do not feel strong emotions. However, seeing a physical picture of the girl, and relating it to people we all know, makes it so much more vivid. Images stay with us. This one of Madeleine McCann will never leave me.


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