Wedding Bliss

kiss_1883796i download

The powerful image of William and Kate on their wedding day portrays an intimate and private act that has been shared with the world.  The special moment for this couple has been captured for the world to see.  This image has since been passed around the world as the iconic image of the royal couple.  Centered around the happy couple on the most important day of their lives so far, we see how photography has portrayed such a everyday occurrence as a kiss and turned it into a worldwide wonder that everyone wanted to see.

What interested me more was the parallel image of Charles and Diana on their wedding day almost standardizing such an image by displaying ‘the kiss’ as a tradition passed down through generations.  The other members of the photo portray a normal family celebrating with excited children enjoying the rare opportunity of being on the balcony.  This again normalizes the photo for me as a family event that has been turned into a public wonder by being part of the royal family.    What the photographer has done particularly well is staged the photo in both cases to frame the couple under the black doors in exactly the same position creating a sense of normality that this image has been repeated throughout history.


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