The capturing of emotion


Photographs of people are nearly always posed. They are somewhat false. Happy smiling faces, clothes perfectly placed, arms around each other. Often if you look deeper into the smile, the happiness is not there. 

This picture is not a big moment in history. Instead it captures a single moment of full joy and happiness. The subject of the photo is unaware of the camera, laughing as children of seven and eight years old jump on her, after she scored the winning goal in a football match. The way in which the photo is taken captures the moment. It is a little blurred, an unconventional angle; there is an element of craziness and adrenaline. 

E Welty is quoted as saying that ‘A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away’. This photo epitomises this quote. These are young children having fun. Their faces are not visible, giving them a certain anonymity. They could be anywhere in the world. They are just boys doing what boys do.

This photograph also is juxtaposed against modern societal views on adults and children. There is certainly always a sense nowadays of having to keep your distance from children, with the fear of others looking down at you. The photograph is so natural that it ignores these undertones of society.

This picture above all is an advert for the power of photography. A simple, unplanned joyous moment can be captured by the camera and remembered for ever.


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