ImageLe Juene a la fleur


Search Google for iconic images of the last century and the majority of hits which appear are those relating to war and suffering. It is rare to see an image such as the one above which shows such a strong parallel between War and Peace. This photograph was taken during protests against the Vietnam War on October 21, 1967. It was captured by Marc Riboud and has become one of the most famous anti-war photographs. The image shows Jane Rose Kasmir placing a flower in the bayonets of guards of the Pentagon. It eventually became a symbol for the flower power movement.

The comparison of war and peace in this frame is quite interesting. On one side you have the male, holding the bayonet in an aggressive pose as if ready to fight. The men are grouped together as a united force. On the other hand, there is Jane Rose Kasmir, a single women facing the men with a flower in her hand in place of a weapon.

This aside, it is the colours in the photograph which creates a sense of who is most important in the frame. The soldiers are all in dark uniforms, blending into the background. Whilst, Jane Rose Kasmir is dressed in a brightly patterned shirt, which immediately draws the eye. The framing of the image suggests the Jane alone is fighting the soldiers to bring an end to the Vietnam War.



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