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  1. There is a really great exhibition of Cecil Beaton’s work on at the Imperial War Museum in London at the moment.

    Attached is the link to the exhibition. It is well worth going to see.

    Cecil Beaton started out as a fashion photographer and he also photographed the Royal Family. However he was diminished from this for a while when he was caught out for anti Semitic comments in a magazine in America in the 1930’s. He was then asked by the Ministry of Information to take photos for propaganda purposes of World War Two. His photographs are beautiful, well framed and put together and different from other war photography in that there is no blood and guts and it portrays the war in a much more positive light.

    It is an exhibition well worth going to see as its engaging, fascinating, well put together; with a large array of photos from his fashion days, and his war photography (of which there was over 7,000 photographs to chose from!) from around the world.

    He was clearly a very talented and hard working photojournalist of his day.

    Its worth just looking at this website even if you do not go to the exhibition just to view some of his work.

    The reason I am writing this short blog now is because I shall be writing a longer review of the exhibition in the near future.

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