9/11 Movies

These are a really beautiful series of videos that look at the other tragedies that occurred on that day that got pushed aside. My personal favourite is this one

The Ken Loach video is also pretty moving as is the Japan video – but I can’t find a link for that one with english subtitles, its seems to have gone, so have a little look around and try and find it.
Basically the series of films is amazing, looking at reactions, other meanings the date has and how this all gets wiped out. I think it fits with that photo we looked at of the people on the other side of the river on bikes and Liams review of the falling man, that the entire event was taken out of context with things that already happened then, and that life continued on.


One Response to “9/11 Movies”

  1. These films were painfully beautiful and so extremely moving. The first one brought me to tears.

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