Return to Nature?

The natural environment has been a continual source of inspiration for artists and photographers alike; one particular genre in which it commonly features is fashion photography. Many of the photographs I have come across depict metaphorical parallels between the model and her surroundings thus implying she is liberated like her environment. While others portray more literal representations between mankind and nature by drawing on hybridist human-animalistic qualities thus creating mutated creatures which neither belong in civilized or undomesticated societies.

Although nature holds connotations with innocence, freedom and obedient submissiveness to mankind; it’s sporadic and uncontrollable temperament is often overlooked and does not grace the pages of fashion magazines. Is this because fashion marketing campaigns rely on strict organisation and planning which cannot be attained in an unpredictable environment, or is it simply because we still wish to arrogantly believe we have dominance over nature? Either way, should we really be moulding nature into an idealistic form in order to serve our fashion fetishes? Even more pressing is the question: when will the fashion industry glamorise natural disasters?

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