EyeEm announces Awards shortlist

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Contemporary cityscapes

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A beautiful, haunting and gritty series of photographs by Andrey Nogovitsyn. There are a whole series of literary works that attempt to deal with the amorphic and shifty atmospheres of cities, in particularly one’s long haunted by your own ecosystem of memory, embodied zones of fractured intensities, and material affections that haul things into somethings.  But the photograph is an arrest of the self, and a release of failed attempts to grasp the ever flickering recess of the coming together or our endless multiplicities.  These photographs are a wonderful testament to this.



Lewis Hine goes to Brazil

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A performance piece for when you finish your exams, finally…

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A picture is worth a thousand… pictures.

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Horst P Horst at the V&A this Autumn!

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Happy Easter!

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